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All the essential accessories for preparing tea.

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Ceramic Tea Boat | Panorama

Besides being a serving tray and contributing to the aesthetics of the tea ritual, this tea boat is a ceramic container to catch the water. Depending on the infusion technique used, you can dispose of the water used to heat your equipment as well as your rinse water. The water is drained by pouring through the hole on the top corner of the tea boat.

Tile from Lin's Ceramics | Purion

Purion Tile running the line between a tea boat and a serving tray, this platter is entirely made of purion, a remarkable material created by Lin’s Ceramics studios after 10 years of research. Perfectly suited for the gong fu cha ceremony, purion is a material that gains from every use, every tea it encounters, absorbing tannins and aromatic oils into its porous surface. We like its raw yet refined aspect.

Tea Boat from Mr Lin | Ci Cha Pan B1

The Taiwanese potter Lin Jianhong from Luku in Taiwan, refined his study of ceramic art with the great masters of Japan.

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