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All the essential accessories for preparing tea.

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Tenmoku Cup from Kamada Kôji | T54

The creations of Mr Kôji Kamada are part of the permanent works on show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Tea Jar from Mr. Lin

The Taiwanese potter Lin Jianhong from Luku in Taiwan, refined his study of ceramic art with the great masters of Japan.

Kabazaiku Tea Box | Raw Wood

This japanese tea caddy is entirely clad in cherry wood, one of japan's emblematic trees.

Camellia Sinensis | Thé, histoire, terroirs, saveurs (troisième édition)

L'équipe de la maison de thé Camellia Sinensis est fière de présenter une édition revue et augmentée de Thé : histoire, terroirs, saveurs, son premier ouvrage.

Parmi les bonifications, le volet "Le thé et la santé" a été enrichi et mis à jour, grâce aux données accumulées depuis la parution de la première version.

Un nouveau chapitre gastronomique a été ajouté, avec des recettes de cocktails, de desserts, et des propositions d'accords inspirants : thé & scotch, thé & chocolat et thé & fromage.

Amateurs de Pu Er, vous apprécierez l'ajout …

Stainless Steel Tea Jar J3

Those who have had the chance to visit our stores would have seen our walls lined with its tea jars hosting our fine teas.

Cup from Julie Lavoie | Neige

Using a wood-fired kiln, Julie Lavoie, ceramist, creates exquisite porcelain, both rich and rustic with its flames and the delicate imprint of cinders. The result: a rich "living white" effect, both precious and pure in its own way.

Cup from Julie Lavoie | Tenmoku

It was in a teahouse in Japan that the potter Julie Lavoie discovered Tenmoku. On seeing the works of Kamada Koji for the first time, she was inspired by the 'starry skies' effect, unique to this glaze. Like a premonition, this idea of meteors had already appeared in her work before this journey.

Camellia Sinensis | Tea, History, Terroirs, Varieties

From time immemorial, praised by poets adored by Emperors, tea is not only the most consumed beverage on the planet but also an essential part of the diet of millions around the world.


Cup from Arik de Vienne | Mataf

An original cup by Quebec ceramist Arik de Vienne that offers a variety of texture through his technique and unusual "glaze" effect.

Cup from Nadine Desmarais | Coquillage

Behind these delicate and textured pieces, we discover a new ceramist with a firmly established style.


Cup from Nadine Desmarais | Ecume

Behind these delicate and textured pieces, we discover a new ceramist with a firmly established style.