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All the essential accessories for preparing tea.

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Paper Tea Filters from Camellia Sinensis | Case of 10 boxes

These compostable filter bags, with the Camellia Sinensis touch, are complete with a convenient draw string.

Fromage et Thé

Fabienne Effertz invites us to discover two worlds that may seem to have nothing in common: cheese and tea. But these two products are closer than we realize. In her book, Mrs Effertz takes various angles to present how they connect: be it technical (transformation, refinement, preservation etc), or tasting (pairings, aroma description etc), or even from the perspective of supply chain. She also discusses the challenges of preserving a particular styles of sustainable agriculture from Belgium and Switzerland to Quebec. 

Takeya Pitcher

This pitcher equipped with a removable infuser is ideal for preparing cold brewed iced tea.

Camellia Sinensis | Thé, histoire, terroirs, saveurs (seconde édition)

Description available soon.

Iced Tea Pitcher & Cape Town Sky Organic | Teabags

Without having to measure or filter, it's safe to say that with this combo, iced tea will definitely be your go-to drink this summer.

Iced Tea Pitcher & Casablanca Breeze Organic | Teabags

Without having to measure or filter, it's safe to say that with this combo, iced tea will definitely be your go-to drink this summer. We are referring to our 2L pitcher along with pre-made bags of iced tea (mixed for just 2L of water). All you need to do is put the bag in the pitcher, pour cold water and let it infuse for a few hours and enjoy a tasty iced tea, without that bitterness.

Iced Tea Pitcher & Lisbon Sunshine Organic | Teabags

We particularly like the cover which can hold ice cubes which makes it great for bringing the pitcher outside, even when it's sunny!

Glass Iced Tea Pitcher by CS

This glass pitcher, exclusive to Camellia Sinensis, is ideal for the preparation of cold infused iced tea.

Camellia Sinensis | Tea, History, Terroirs, Varieties

From time immemorial, praised by poets adored by Emperors, tea is not only the most consumed beverage on the planet but also an essential part of the diet of millions around the world. From its distant Chinese origins the taste for tea has crossed all borders. Its many virtues and flavours make it hard to ignore. Whether the leaves come from the famous sacred mountains of China or the highest gardens of Darjeeling, every cup tells a story, reveals the grower's craft, conjures up a landscape. Take a voyage into the teascapes of China, Taiwan, India, Japan and other important producing …

Camellia Sinensis | Thé vert, à la rencontre d'un art millénaire

Hot off the press, our new book  "Thé vert à la rencontre d'un art millénaire". Travel with us through meetings with the artisans and other highlights of Asia's green tea cultures, a new study on tea and health and page after page of beautiful photos and illustrations.

The Art of Tea magazine no.06

Description available soon.

The Art of Tea magazine no.07

Description available soon.