Black Tea

Darjeeling 2nd flush Singbulli Organic

Product code: CSTN-149
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This magnificent Darjeeling 2nd Flush style black tea comes from the Singbulli Tea Estate, a quiet little garden on the road into Darjeeling’s Mirik Valley. This garden has made a little reputation for itself with its exceptional large leaf clonal teas. The EX-17 organic lot we are presenting here brilliantly showcases why.

Long curled leaves with rich colors and flavours, tasting brings quite a complex experience. Its superbly balanced body with soft tannins brings out a burst of aromas in the mouth. Sweet at first with candied fruits, bitter orange and autumn leaves aromas, it also reveals a subtle floral scents in its finish.

Teapot method
balance Quantity / 250ml of water
thermometer Temperature of infusion
lined-clock Infusion length
3 - 4 min
Flavour wheel To better identify the aromatic notes of each tea
Floral Fruity Wooded Earthy Spice Vegetal