Discovery Assortment 5

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Our new 'Selection of the Moment' offers you the chance to discover 5 teas from the vast diversity of our catalogue at a discount price.

Tea of the week:

-Tea Studio | Bai Mu Dan

-Sencha Nagashima Organic

-Bai Hao Jingmai Organic

-Ceylan New Vithanakande

-Pu Er Shou 2011 Menghai Sheng Tai Tuo Cha 

Each bag contains 50g of tea.

Save $5 on the regular price.

Our tea advisors also recommend

Sencha Nagashima Organic (box of 10 in individual envelope)

Our selection of tea bags contains the same teas that we offer loose leaf in our catalogue.  The pyramid form liberates the leaves' rich flavours revealing the freshness of the tea. Each box contains 10 teabags of 2.5 grams.

Variable Temperature Stainless Steel kettle from Breville | IQ

A functional and aesthetic kettle designed for tea lovers.