Tea Travel Kit | Odyssey

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For the die-hard tea fan, here is a complete set specifically designed to be carried around.

The lid is designed to drain into the base, creating a portable tea boat. Delicate Japanese esthetics in ceramic kit that serves two. Ingeniously nested inside each other, the set unfolds like a Russian doll.

Portable pleasure and elegance for a tea ceremony on a cruise or a camping trip.

Includes 13 pieces: Infuser and lid, pitcher, 2 cups, neoprene case, protective base, drain lid, 2 towels and clear lid.


Capacity: 80 ml

Diameter: 8.5 cm

Height: 5.5 cm


Capacity: 80 ml

Diameter: 8.5 cm

Height: 3.75 cm


Capacity: 30 ml

Diameter: 5.5 cm

Height: 2.5 cm

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