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This Tasting Kit contains 4 teas of unique character, selected at source by our team of tasters.  Inside you will find preparation instructions and a flavour wheel to illustrate the profile of each tea.  The assortment includes:

-Sublime (herbal tea)

-Nan Mei (white tea from China)

-Zeste éclair (herbal tea)

-L'Éclatante (herbal tea)

Contains a total of 28g of tea.

*selection may vary with availability.

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Rooibos Zeste Éclair (Tea Box)

This tea pack contains our Rooibos Zeste Éclair, vacuum sealed to retain freshness and to assure authenticity. 


This hourglass with three timers allows you to watch the time pass before successfully pouring your  perfect tea. Three glass hourglasses are juxtaposed on a stainless steel support. Each hourglass has a duration of 3, 4 or 5 minutes.

Infuser Cup by CS | Porcelain

A work cup par excellence, with clearly appreciable details of its fabrication designed to facilitate the experience of tea in the office or at home.