Exploration 9 | Discovery

Product code: CSTAD-29
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This Tasting Kit contains 9 teas of unique character, selected at source by our team of tasters.

Inside you will find preparation instructions to make the perfect cup of tea!

The assortment includes*:

-Tea Studio Nilgiri Bai Mu Dan (White tea from India)

-Tea Studio Nilgiri Mao feng (Green tea from China)

-Bai Hao Jingmai Organic (Wulong from China)

-Tea Studio Nilgiri Coonoor (Black tea from India)

-Pu er Shou 2018 Yongde (Aged tea from China)

-Celebration chai Organic (Chai tea from India)

-Raspberry Mimosa (Scented tea)

-Mint (Herbal tea)

-Cape Town Sky (Herbal tea)

Contains a total of 94g of tea.

*selection may vary with availability.

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