I did not receive a confirmation email - +

The confirmation email is generated automatically by our system.  First thing to do is to check that it has not been put in your junk mail folder.  Next thing is to check that you gave us the correct/exact email address.

A second, follow-up email is sent once the order is ready for shipping, usually 1 to 3 business days after you make your order.

I made a mistake in my order can I change it? - +

Once an order is completed and/or shipped we cannot change it.  However if the order has not yet been prepared you can cancel it and make re-order rectifying mistakes or adding items you had forgotten. To do so, reply to the email that confirmed you order or call us at (514) 544-4002 option 3.


How do I pay for my online purchases ? - +

All transactions on our website are completely secure. You can pay for your purchases in canadian dollar (CAD) or american dollar (USD) using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover or Paypal (for CAD only).

I have not received an invoice when buying online ... - +

The confirmation you received by email when you made your order contains a detailed description of your purchases the prices and the relevant postal fees you were charged. This email is your receipt.

Is it possible to pay with my Camellia Sinensis Gift Card on the website? - +

Yes, our gift cards can be used on the website and in our three physical boutiques. You can pay with a gift card and top up with another type of payment if needed. You can find your gift card balance on this page.


Are your sites transactions secure? - +

Your information is safe. We use a 256 bit encryption protocol to ensure optimal privacy for our customers.

Transportation and delivery

Is a minimum purchase required to use the delivery services? - +

There is no minimum order, the postage fee will be automatically adjusted to the destination and weight of your order. For all purchases of $65 and above, within Canada and the United States the postage is free of charge.

For more detailed information on delivery times please refer to our sales policies.

Does the tea keep well during transportation? - +

The teas are packed properly in quality bags, thus keeping their scents and freshness.

How long will my order take to arrive? - +

Delivery times vary on the destination and follow the regular shipping times of Canada Post (or UPS depending on the shipping options in your region).

In Québec province regular delivery takes 2 to 4 business days.  Please note that during seasonal Holidays and times of crisis delays may be longer than usual.

Can I give specific delivery instructions for delivery to my address? (eg. Leave the parcel in a specific place, please call when the delivery is at the door, do not leave the parcel outside etc) - +

We have no way to communicate specific delivery instructions to the carriers we use.  Transport companies have their own specific delivery policies that we have no power over. 


I do not like a tea, what can I do? - +

As the saying goes: "there is no accounting for tastes"! So, if you do not like a tea because its flavour profile does not suite your taste, we cannot offer a refund or exchange. On the other hand, if the tea leaves or the product seem to have a manufacturing defect, it will be our pleasure to refund you or to make an exchange. Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary


How can I reserve a place for the tea workshops offered at your Tea Schools? - +

Reservations can be made in one of our stores or by telephone. To see our payment options click here.

Are the same products on your website as are in your shops? - +

The tea selection is the same on line as it is in our stores. However the selection of teaware (Teapots, cups etc) may vary. In both the stores and warehouse there are regularly new arrivals and the quantity of unique or rare objects in our collection means that the selection available in our stores may be quite different from that of the online store.

I would like to apply for a position within your company. Can I send you my resume? - +

Thanks very much for your interest. However we only accept CVs during hiring periods. We will advertise when we are hiring on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

How do I contact customer service? - +


What type of tea should I try to begin with? - +

The choice will depend on your personal preferences. However here are a few classic suggestions to help you on your way : Huiming (Chinese Green), Sencha Nagashima (Japanese Green), Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Chinese White), Si Ji Chun (Taiwanese Wulong), Darjeeling 1st Flush Jungpana (Indian Black), Dragon Pearls. Another option is to try a selection of samples our teas with one of our tasting kits.

My usual tea is not available, do you have a suggestion? - +

You will find similar product suggestions at the bottom of each product page.

Which of your products should I avoid during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding? - +

Most of our products are not considered harmful when consumed with moderation.  Certain of our herbal infusions contain ingredients that are not recommended during pregnancy, these are all clearly identified on the product pages.  If you have any specific health concerns, doubts or worries about certain products we recommend consulting your medical professional.