Discover the favourite teas and teaware of the members of the Camellia Sinensis team and other guests.


Originally from Colombia, Johanna Caballero arrived in Quebec only 5 years ago and immediately tucked in to learning French.  Beginning as an employee at our warehouse where she recently became our head of production.  Johana shares with us her current favourite teas.  See our blog for more.

David Goudreault's

David Goudreault, Quebec poet, storyteller and writer well known for his work in the French language, shares his favourites. More on our blog.

Photo credit: Jean-Marie Zucchini


Olivier, who has been a loyal member of our team for over 10 years, reveals his current favourites among our vast selection of teas.  Managing the reception and organization of stock, he is often the first to get is hands on fresh arrivals.  His passion for tea is reflected in the finesse of his selection. More details on our blog.

Geneviève O'Gleman's

Geneviève hosts the popular cooking show 'Savourer’ on Radio Canada.  She is also the author of 17 recipe books, all of them best sellers.   She loves the tea universe, drinking tea everyday, and has even visited a few plantations in Asia.  She shares her favourites with us. Read more on our blog.

Photo credit: Maude Chauvin


Fascinated by the art of tasting since childhood, educated at the restaurant and hospitality institute, Simon had a great passion for the universes of cheese, beer and Scotch before diving into the world of tea with the Camellia Sinensis team in 2022.   He works in our stores advising the clients and has recently taken over our social media platforms. These are some of his current favourites. More details on our blog.

Élyse Marquis's

Élyse Marquis is part of our televisual landscape for a few years now.  Primarily an actress in various shows for younger audiences, marking a generation with her show 'Télé Pirate’.  For the last 10 years she has hosted the show ‘Les Chefs’ for which she won a Gémeaux Award.  A big fan of herbal infusions and tea, the shares her favourites with us. Learn more on our blog.

Photo credit : Andréanne Gauthier


Jasmin Desharnais is one of the tasters here at Camellia Sinensis. He is responsible for human resources and operations for the company.  As a taster he specializes in the teas of China and has spent every spring there since 2003.   Naturally he loves tea and has particular affection for Pu er.  Here are some of his favourites. More details on our blog.

Richard Béliveau's

Richard Béliveau is a doctor of biochemistry and the Scientific Director of the Program for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer at UQAM University.  He is also an amateur of Japanese culture, and a tea lover. More details on the blog.


Marie-Michèle has been part of the Camellia Sinensis for over 3 years, and is known as the manager Jean-Talon Market store. For her, tea represents getting together and sharing.  It is through sharing tea with her colleagues that she has deepened her tea knowledge.  Here are her current favourites. More details on our blog.

Patrice Demers's

Patrice Demers is known for his seasonal highlights and focus on local ingredients.  Having opened a string of famous restaurants over the years, this talented pastry chef has shared his passion through many channels and is still giving patisserie courses to both enthusiasts and professionals.  He is a great tea lover and explains his favorites on our blog. Photo credit: Mickaël A. Bandassak


Hugo is the founder of Camellia Sinensis and has been a tea enthusiast for over 25 years. Since his first trip to Asia in 2003, he’s come to specialize in Japanese and Taiwanese teas, carefully selecting them each visit. However, this doesn’t prevent him from appreciating teas from other regions. More details on our taster's blog.

Véronique Jalbert's

Véronique had developed a passion for tea long before she joined the Camellia Sinensis team 11 years ago. Part of her work is writing all those elaborate flavour-profile descriptions for the website, for each tea as it arrives. She has become very skilled at this thanks to her focussed, technical approach and her distinct personal touch.  Sharing her favourites with us she opens up her own tea universe. More on our blog.

Richard Reed Parry's

Richard Reed Parry is the red headed musical polymath at the heart of the endlessly inventive art-rock band Arcade Fire.  Hard working and prolific, he has collaborated and performed throughout his career with an exceptional spectrum of artists including: David Bowie, David Byrne, New York Philharmonic, Neil Young and many more.  And he loves tea! Read more on our blog. Photo credit Zachary Hertzmann


Having been a tea lover all her life, Marie joined the trade in 2014.  Having worked at Palais des Thés in Brussels for a few years she joined the Camellia Sinensis team in 2017.  As a qualified teacher, she rapidly became one of our educators for the Tea School program in Montreal.  Marie works as the assistant manager of our store in downtown Montreal where she shares her contagious passion and deep love for tea with our clients.

Josée di Stasio's

Josée di Stasio is a culinary writer and TV host known for her authentic passion for the arts of the table. Tea has always been a big part of her daily ritual   During the cold season she naturally tends toward comforting teas.

Photo credit : Dominique Skoltz


François Marchand is one of the four tasters at Camellia Sinensis. He covered central China for over 12 years and now specializes in content creation (photo, video, story). Francois also in oversees all the marketing and website for the company.