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Fromage et Thé

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Fabienne Effertz invites us to discover two worlds that may seem to have nothing in common: cheese and tea. But these two products are closer than we realize. In her book, Ms. Effertz takes various angles to present how they connect: be it technical (transformation, refinement, preservation etc), or tasting (pairings, aroma description etc), or even from the perspective of supply chain. She also discusses the challenges of preserving a particular styles of sustainable agriculture from Belgium and Switzerland to Quebec. 

Through her journey, she takes us around the globe taking part in various tastings that she documents with some breathtaking photos.    

Camellia Sinensis is proud to have collaborated with Ms. Effertz on this book.   

The preface was written by Carlo Petrini, president and founder of the International Slow Food movement. 

Available in french only