Glass Iced Tea Pitcher | Cascade

Camellia Sinensis Collection
Product code: CSAC-397
2000 ml

This glass pitcher, exclusive to Camellia Sinensis, is ideal for the preparation of cold infused iced tea.

The lid, with its integrated filter, holds in the tea leaves when pouring. All you need to do is drop the leaves into the carafe, add cold water, and leave to infuse for a few hours at which point you can appreciate a very tasty iced tea, without bitterness.

Glass is a neutral material and easy to clean which permits infusing various families of tea without worrying about mixing their flavours.

The pitcher is also suitable for hot infusions, such as herbal teas.

Easy to maintain, this article is dishwasher-safe.

Diameter of the item: 13 cm

Height of the item: 23 cm

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