Gong fu cha

Gong fu cha from Mr Jin | Craqueled Celadon

Mr. Jin Collection
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175 ml

This craqueled celadon teapot comes directly from the workshops of Mr. Jin Yi Rui located in the city of Longquan, China.

For many centuries, Longquan has nurtured its historic tradition of the production of ceramics, especially that of celadon, which has made it famous.

Glossy and smooth, the works cast by the artisan are intended to be a perfect ceramic for everyday use.

The craqueled finish has the benefit of evolving with use as the tannins permeate it little by little, also enriching its colour.

Although traditionally celadon is used for green teas, it happily hosts all families of tea.

Diameter of the opening: 5 cm

Height: 8.25 cm

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