Isothermal Jug Eudyptes Black & Azur

Product code: CSAC-322
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1000 ml

An elegant and restrained thermal carafe whose glass interior provides perfect neutrality of taste.

The exterior is made of stainless steel. The lid, the handle and the anti-drip spout are made of certified BPA free plastic. A silicone gasket ensures the pitcher has a perfect seal.

In addition to adding a touch of colour, the push button permits the use of only one hand to facilitate your tastings.

The jug is very useful for  maintaining the water temperature during the infusion of teas using senchado or gong fu cha techniques, or with a gaiwan.

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The fine stainless steel filter allows you to infuse tea of different families. Its large size gives you the option to put less water in the cup without  diminishing the quality of the infusion.

The silicon rim gives visual character as well as softening noise and impacts during handling or transportation.

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Tea Flask | Stainless Steel

Besides its insulated aspect, the magic of this flask lies in the fact that none of its components have to be detached to drink the tea, or even to infuse it.

The sealed lid can be opened with one hand with the push button. The filter is attached to the flask and its function is transformed depending whether it is placed on the left or right side. This enables you to brew your tea leaves using the choice of technique that suits you. This simple handling makes it a very useful travel accoutrement.

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Length: 12.75 cm