Kyusu from Mizuno

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260 ml

Mr. Hiroshi Mizuno is an exceptional potter, student of the famous Yamada Jozan considered "a living national treasure" in Japan.

Today, few potters create a teapot entirely by hand. But Mr. Mizuno is even goes as far as manually preparing his own clay.

For over 30 years, the artist sources the earth from which he extracts, by sieving several times, the perfect clay for the production of his work. This effort creates a dense, smooth clay with a noticeable grain - named "Pearskin" - which reminds us of the raw, organic material from which it is derived.

The ceramic filter has also been designed by the artist to optimise service and maintenance day after day.

Hiroshi Mizuno turns all his pieces by hand with incredible accuracy and precision. Though simple, his teapots stand out immediately. Initially through the unique grey of his own clay "recipe" and then through their impeccable regularity the supreme finesse that accounts for his international renown.

The work resembles the creator humble, discreet and meticulous.

To the touch, the smoothness of his pieces have a feeling of a polished stone. Inside, Mizuno has crafted a ceramic filter for daily use and practicality.  With age and use, the ceramic acquires a patina. These beautiful "living works" will become subtly more glossy and enhanced by their own history of use.

The artisanal aspect of these pieces makes them all unique. This why the the colour gradient and capacity may vary from one to another.

Diameter of the opening: 7 cm

Height: 6 cm

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