Kyusu from Mr. Yamada | Momiji

Mr. Yamada Collection
Product code: CSTHK-133
130 ml

There are a rare few adamant potters in Tokoname that still insist on mastering every step of the artisanal process, taking it as far as making their own clay. Yamada is one of these potters.

He is currently the youngest ceramicist in Tokoname and his dedication to the craft shows exceptional promise.

Inspired by a love and respect for his father's life-time specialty in decorative containers for plants. We are eager to discover and share this young artist’s work. Definitely a bright new light to watch out for.

The artisanal aspect of these teapots makes them all unique. This why the shape and capacity may vary from one to another. Think of it as a guarantee of unique pieces, all made by hand!

Diameter of the opening: 9 cm

Height: 5.75 cm

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