Kyusu from Shiraiwa | S1

Product code: CSTHK-162
260 ml

This Japanese teapot looks like something out of a history book with its bright colour, surprising lightness and original lid that covers the opening instead of just sitting in a cavity like most kyusu teapots.

Unlike some Japanese handmade teapots with a perfect, graphic aesthetic, this one has something straightforward about it that reminds us that there is a human behind the work.

Shiraiwa is an ambitious young ceramist who uses the local clay to make absolutely all the pieces that make up the kyusu himself. More perilous than the electric kiln, firing in the wood kiln allows to obtain vivid colours of an incomparable richness, like this exceptional blue.

Unique and exclusive, this handcrafted piece has been codified to guarantee that you will receive an object faithful to the pictures you see.

Opening diameter: 4 cm

Height: 9.5 cm

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