Kyusu | Kuri Iro

Product code: CSTHSD-04
150 ml

This plum color Kyusu of beautiful simplicity.

In addition to offering a comfortable grip thanks to its side handle, the fine-mesh filter easily holds in the finest leaves.

Its small capacity is perfect for brewing with the senchado technique.

Diameter of the opening: 7 cm

Height: 6 cm

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Gyokuro Okabe

Unique in Japan in the world of tea, the Gyokuro (Precious Dew) style is the result of a process to create shade for the tea plants for a few weeks. The deprivation of light creates more difficult conditions for the plants whose molecular structure changes to make room for sugars, amino acids and aromatic compounds. The leaves will offer a less bitter liquor.

Sencha Hokuen

From the great tea-producing region of Shizuoka, the beautiful, long and slim needles of this Japanese green tea release intoxicating and promising fragrances of exotic fruits (passion fruit) as dry leaves, a phenomenon is often linked to the firing of the leaves.

Kabusecha Takamado

Grown and processed in the region of Uji in Japan, this green "shade-tea" is of great finesse. Shade structures which block up to 70% of the light are placed over the tea plants two weeks before harvest in order to soften the leaves and increase the chlorophyll concentration.