La Réconfortante Organic (15g Bag)

Product code: CSTO-138

The large green leaves of lemon verbena are escorted by a magnificent retinue of whole flowers, white, orange, blue and mauve. This tisane is entirely handpicked within a beautiful herbalist farm in Quebec, known for the quality and integrity of all they cultivate.

The golden liquor is bright and citrusy deploying deeply the intensity of its aromatic oils. Its dominant fruitiness is enhanced in its finish by herbaceous and floral accents.

Emollient and cleansing, these plants will help to give the skin a burst of sunshine. They also help prevent pain and itchiness.

Antiseptic and antibacterial, recommended for digestive ailments, sore throats and colds. With essential oils of lemon verbena, this tea helps digestion after a heavy and well watered meal! The nervous system also derives benefits from these essential oils.

An everyday herbal tea, it brings joy to the heart.

: Lemon verbena, calendula (marigold), mallow, cornflower. (Lippia citriodora, Calendula officinalis, Malva sylvestris , Centaurea cyanus)

Teapot method
balance Quantity / 250ml of water
thermometer Temperature of infusion
lined-clock Infusion length
5 - 7 min
Flavour wheel Identify the principal aromatic notes of a tea
Floral Fruity Woody Earthy Spice Vegetal
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