Green Tea

Long Jing Jingning Bai

Dragon Well from Jingning Bai
Product code: CSTV-91
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The cultivar used to produce this great tea comes from wild tea plants reproduced by grafting.

On infusion, its tender yellow-green leaves reveal rich fragrances of forest flowers and fresh hazelnuts.

Its light and flowing liquor is full and its tangy flavour, reminiscent of rocket, leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness.

  • Cultivar: Jingning Bai
  • Producer: He Wei Zhong
  • Altitude: 800m
  • Date of harvest: April 6, 2021
Gaiwan technique
balance Quantity / 250ml of water
thermometer Temperature of infusion
lined-clock Infusion length 1
lined-clock Infusion length 2
lined-clock Infusion length 3
Teapot method
balance Quantity / 250ml of water
thermometer Temperature of infusion
lined-clock Infusion length
4 - 5 min
Flavour wheel To better identify the aromatic notes of each tea
Floral Fruity Wooded Earthy Spice Vegetal

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