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Naoshi (Chasen Holder) from Makiko | Vanille

Product code: CSTHJC-86
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An almost essential accessory for anyone using a chasen, the naoshi (chasen-holder) preserves the shape of the whisk while enabling it to dry properly. In fact, drying a chasen upside down with the handle on a table increases the  risk of surplus moisture in the base, where the fine fronds bind to the bamboo handle.

This piece is hand-turned by the Quebec ceramist Makiko. On each unique piece, several layers of glaze are applied by sponge to produce beautiful shades of colors.

The artisanal aspect of these naoshi makes them all unique. This why the colour gradients may vary from one to another. Evidence of a work made by hand!

To learn more about the approach of the artist, see the article devoted to it in our tea tasters blog.

Height: 7.5 cm