Summer Session 08/2020

Due to the technical difficulties we experienced for the Summer Session on Saturday 8th, we will shoot the event all over again and hope that you will join us.  The date for this re-run will be Friday 28th August at 2pm.  Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Kevin and the Camellia Sinensis Team.  

The Camellia Sinensis Summer Session promises a unique event, focussed on the tasting and stories of a great selection of teas.  
Tea taster Kevin Gascoyne will host the event that will be broadcast live on our platforms.  You are invited to taste this selection of teas simultaneously from the comfort of your own tea space at home.  The video content will remain available afterwards, should you wish to repeat the experience or simply take your time.

You can watch the session live here or on Facebook Live.

Order the special edition tasting kit for the event. Quantities are limited, only 200 kits available.

Summer Session 08/2020

This selection of eight teas was created for our online event Summer Session 08/2020 that will go live on both Facebook and YouTube in English on the 8th August 2020 from 2pm to 5pm EST.  (la version française serait diffusée le 9 août 2020 à 14h).  Of the eight teas we have selected, 2 are exclusive to this event and only available in this kit. (otherwise unavailable online or in stores).