Purion Kettle from Lin’s Ceramics | Celebration

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1400 ml

This remarkable material, developed after 10 years of research, is specifically designed to enhance aged, wulong and black teas.

This kettle can be used on an electric stove over medium heat The mixture of clay and minerals which has a dynamic effect on the quality of the infusion. To the touch, it has an easily pleasant rough and rustic character. Over time, purion will evolve, enriched by the teas it has enhanced.

Lin's Ceramics is a Taiwanese company famous for teaware. Since their founding in 1983, their mission has been to offer enthusiasts a complete range of tea accessories that are ergonomic and precise with a timeless esthetic.

To learn more about Purion ceramic see our blog article.

Height with handle: 20 cm

Height without handle: 14 cm

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