Selection Kit Discovery 6

Product code: CSTAD-505

Take a journey through diverse flavours with this assortment of 5 teas and one herbal infusion from the World's celebrated terroirs. Selected by our team of tasters for you to explore and identify your personal preferences.

Inside you will find beautiful boxes with the preparation instructions to make the perfect cup of tea. An ideal gift for any occasion.

*Selection may vary with availability

Contains a total of 64g of tea

Included in this set:

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Exploration (box of 9 different teabags)

Ready for some freshness and diversity? Here are nine of our classics to taste at your leisure. A complete collection of teas, flavoured teas and herbal teas to help you both define your preferences and please the most difficult guest. Each teabag a new discovery.

Teapot from Ms. Zhang | Wave

The celadon tones on this porcelain teapot partially wraps a light blue coat. The raw and textured base contrasts well with the rest of the piece which makes for a unique concoction.

Cup from Makiko | Abysse

Quebec ceramist Makiko Nakamura Hicher works her cups to give them this irregular and ageing effect.