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Sencha Minamikyushu

Product code: CSTV-166
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Showcasing exceptional aromatic finesse, this Sencha green tea won second place in the annual Aichi prefectural tea competition (Japan). Competing in the “small batch” category (lots under 10kg), it will only make it to a handful of lucky clients for an exquisite tasting experience.

Loaded with fragrances and light in tannins, its fresh herbal aromas layered with sautéed vegetables and marzipan undertones all prepare for a rich umami finish and a delicate but moving awakening of the senses.

  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Producer: M. Chaen
  • Altitude: 100m
  • Date of harvest: May 1, 2019
Senchado technique
balance Quantity / 250ml of water
thermometer Temperature of infusion
lined-clock Infusion length 1
20 - 40 sec
lined-clock Infusion length 2
5 - 10 sec
lined-clock Infusion length 3
15 - 30 sec
Teapot method
balance Quantity / 250ml of water
thermometer Temperature of infusion
lined-clock Infusion length
3 - 4 min
Flavour wheel To better identify the aromatic notes of each tea
Floral Fruity Wooded Earthy Spice Vegetal

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