Sensu Men

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This fan is used by the participants of the chanoyu tea ceremony. It is placed as an honorary sign in front of the knees of the participants as they are greeted. This fan remain closed in the tea room and its shape represents the sword that the samuraï placed aside before entering the tea room. It is made of white bamboo and paper. Men use a slightly longer fan than that used by Women.

Length: 18 cm

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You save 25% - Regular price $16.33

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Kaishi Men

These squares of paper are used by the participants of the chanoyu tea ceremony. They are used to deposit pastries served during the tea ceremony, as well as to clean the edge of the chawan when serving Koïcha, a thick tea made a large quantity of matcha. Men use larger Kaishi than those used by women.

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This tray is used by the host of the chanoyu tea ceremony during the Ryakubon temae procedure. This is usually the first ceremony learned by students of chanoyu. This serving tray is made of black plastic with a corrugated base. Its rim, decorated with a thin red border, is undulating with curves reminiscent of a flower.

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Matcha Yume Organic (40g tin)

This organic Matcha green tea from a spring harvest comes from Kirishima in Kagoshima Prefecture on Japan's southernmost main island, Kyushu.

Matcha Sendo (20g tin)

Our Matcha Sendo is a blend of two classic cultivars, assembled with the talents of M. Koyama, reputed artisan in Uji.