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Spoon for Tea | White Bamboo

Product code: CSAC-239
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20 ml

This tea scoop was designed in collaboration with artisans of bamboo in Asia.

An item much requested by both clients and employees.

Use this natural spoon to transfer your prized leaves from the caddy to the teapot.

Length: 18 cm

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Chamomile Organic | 50g Bag

This herb has been known since ancient times for its many medicinal properties. The infusion prepared from the flowering tops is, among other things, an aid to digestion, anti-inflammatory and soothing. Its light yellow liquor is soft, silky and its floral fragrance persists to a long sweet finish.

Ingredient: Chamomile Organic

This herbal tea is offered in our new line of compostable bags. You can then put them straight in the compost bin collected by your municipality.

Ice Tea Pitcher | Takeya

This pitcher equipped with a removable infuser is ideal for preparing cold brewed iced tea.

The deep filter makes a quality infusion without needing to use the full capacity of the decanter. Being made from heatproof medical plastic (carefully avoiding pressure buildup by leaving the lid unscrewed) it is also a hot infusion utensil. Manufactured in the United States, it is appreciable for its bright color and its grippy silicone handle. Certified BPA free.

Height: 31 cm

Width with handle: 15 cm