Tasting Set from Peter Ting | Pure White

Product code: CSAC-504
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Peter Ting is a London based designer, famous for his award-winning work in the world of luxury ceramics. Currently the Creative Director for LEGLE, Limoges in France, his vast portfolio of work from the last 20 years includes work for Royal Crown Derby and Asprey.

His kit of 3 fine white porcelain cups, each in a different form. The same tea tasted in the 3 cups will offer a different sensorial experience.

The "Fragrant" cup: The tulip form of this cup both encourages heat retention and channels the resulting evaporation of fragrant vapors directly to the nose.  Ideal for the enjoyment of an aromatic bouquet. 

The "Black" cup: This cup, not to be restricted to black tea, has deep vertical sides and slightly curved bottom. The wide top allows access to more subtle bouquets, while the straight sides deliver a full mouth for the full-bodied experience.

The "Green" cup: This cup also has a larger surface area for light bouquet but the liquor transfer from the curved lip enhances texture and controls mouth placement for the enjoyment of more subtly layered flavor profiles of any style of tea.

In North America The Ting Tasting Set is exclusive to Camellia Sinensis. To learn more about the artist's approach, see this blog article.


Black eand Green cup: Height: 6cm Diameter: 9cm

Fragrant cup: Height: 9cm Diameter: 6cm