Tea Box by CS | Cylindrical

Camellia Sinensis Collection
Product code: CSAC-95
300 ml

This mid sized stainless steel container fits most of your tea storage needs. Looking sleek and discreet on any tea table.

The airtight lid also keeps your leaves fresh. And its bright green color contrasts nicely with the charcoal grey body.

Diameter: 6.5 cm

Height: 12.5 cm

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Established around 1830, Margaret's Hope garden in the Darjeeling district has historical and geographical aspects that make it one of the best known gardens for black tea in the region. The combination of a favourable climate and undeniable expertise gives us this unique batch of Moonlight style (very delicate rolling) from clonal cultivars.

Mei Zhan Zhen

From the summit of Mount Zhenghe in Fujian (China), the long golden buds of this black tea are seductive simply from the chocolaty smell of the dry leaves! Once infused, they deploy intoxicating scents of lavender, lemon grass and hemlock.