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Tea Flask by CS | Stainless Steel

Camellia Sinensis Collection
Product code: CSAC-323
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350 ml

Besides its insulated aspect, the magic of this flask lies in the fact that none of its components have to be detached to drink the tea, or even to infuse it.

The sealed lid can be opened with one hand with the push button. The filter is attached to the flask and its function is transformed depending whether it is placed on the left or right side. This enables you to brew your tea leaves using the choice of technique that suits you. This simple handling makes it a very useful travel accoutrement.

This flask is made of double wall stainless steel which considerably reduces heat to the hands while effectively maintaining the temperature of the tea. The lime green part is made of certified BPA free plastic.

Diameter: 7 cm

Height: 20 cm

Technique # 1 China Style - keeping the leaves in the bottom of the flask

- Warm the inside the bottle with hot water for a few seconds.

- Position the filter on the side of the main opening. Place the tea in the bottom of the flask (1-2 tsp. depending on the selected tea)

- Then pour water at the suggested temperature. Wait a few minutes and taste.

This preparation technique ensures that the tea is infused continuously. To avoid a too full-bodied brew, it is recommended to add water at the right temperature as soon as about half of the liquid has been drank. Almost all teas can be prepared this way. Only very finely chopped teas do not provide good results.

Technique # 2 By controlled infusion --- without needing to remove the leaves.

- Warm the inside the flask with hot water for a few seconds.

- Put leaves in the lid next to the air hole.

- Position the filter so as to cover the leaves. Add water at the suggested temperature to the flask then close the lid.

Infuse for the required time with the flask inverted so that the leaves and the water are in contact.

To stop the infusion turn the flask back onto its base. Once stood up, there will be no further contact between the water and leaves, that's the magic of this flask. All that remains is to savour the results.

This preparation technique is suitable for all types of tea and helps control the evolution of the infusion to obtain a preferred flavour profile of the tea.

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