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Tea Jar from Mr. Wang | Feng Cao

Mr. Wang Collection
Product code: CSAC-490
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1300 ml

An inspiring discovery for Camellia Sinensis, our range of Yixing teapots, from where this originates, is enriched by this artist.

It is through Mr. Yen, a graduate of the same school, that our paths crossed, the great, alongside with the great.

After graduating from the Jingdezhen Ceramic School in 1991, Mr. Wang stood out at the point where he taught teapot forms, which quickly became a specialty for the new graduate.Since then he has accumulated prizes and distinctions. The opening of his studio in 1997, and its success, confirming his reputation.

This collection was meticulously designed by M.Wang and his team. This enamelled and porous jar is perfect for aged teas.

Each jar is uniquely crafted, with colours and capacity which vary from one to another.  Beautiful artisanal work.

Diameter of the opening: 7.8 cm

Height: 15.5 cm