Tea Journey Magazine Volume 1 no.02

Product code: CSLI-27

The four tasters of Camellia Sinensis and over forty tea journalists and tea experts from several continents have put together this very informative, up-to-date and highly entertaining magazine about the Planet's most popular drink. As well as the many Western experts that have written and curated the content of Tea Journey a large amount of the content is from Asian tea experts translated into English for the first time. The most balanced, global vision of our favourite plant ever offered.

In this issue:

Inside the Taster's Practice: Learn from professional tasters how they improve their skill Georgian Tea.

Discovery: Intrepid growers in a once-thriving tea region in the Caucasus Mountains.

Health & Wellness: Diabetes Defense.

Curios: Painted Teabags, Topographical Tray, Iconic Spode.

And much more!