Teapot from Makiko | Abysse

Quebec Ceramist Collection
Product code: CSTHCE-236
550 ml

This teapot is a valuable addition to the Abysse line, a favourite among Quebec ceramist Makiko's collections. Bright and attractive, the vibrant turquoise of this line is skillfully balanced by the artist's signature irregular, weathered finish.

Makiko passes multiple layers of glaze with a sponge on each to acquire beautiful shades of colour. Then, the glaze material is removed with a needle to achieve the result desired by the artist.

These stages of creation give both flair and texture to her pieces, so light and delicate in the hand.

Each piece is uniquely crafted, with colours and capacity which vary from one to another. Beautiful artisanal work.

Opening diameter: 6.75 cm

Height: 11.5 cm

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