Teapot from Mr. Chen | Lotus

Mr. Chen Collection
Product code: CSTHGF-50
200 ml

A Yixing teapot in a subtly purplish matt black whose engraving highlights the grain of this famous clay.

Chen Hua Song is a highly respected master engraver who has developed his own distinctive style over the years. As a guardian of Chinese traditions, he passes on his skills as a legacy.

At the Ding Shan workshop, Mr. Chen works closely with his wife, who makes most of the pieces on which the artisan adds the distinctive seal; the engraving.

It is a privilege to offer his creations exclusively at Camellia Sinensis.

Diameter of the opening: 5.5 cm

Height: 7 cm

Character translation: "Heart like a lotus, engraved by HuaSong in the year XinChou (2021) "

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