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Mr. Shao Collection
Product code: CSTHGF-8
150 ml

Gorgeous in its simplicity, this Yixing teapot seduces with its subtly shaded light colour.

Shao Guo Jun is a potter from Yixing who conscientiously makes practical pieces. The craftsman humbly runs the family workshop with his mother, his wife and a few fellow villagers who come to help out when needed.

In 2007, during his annual trip to China, Jasmin, one of the tasters at Camellia Sinensis, met Mr. Shao for the first time in the village of Ding Shan. His approach and know-how impressed him, and he has been a valuable and loyal partner ever since.

Diameter of the opening: 4.5 cm

Height: 6.5 cm

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