Teapot from Ms. Sheng | Heini

Ms. Sheng Collection
Product code: CSTHGF-55
170 ml

Ms. Sheng's Yixing Heini clay teapots reveal this intense black through a processing method that deliberately amplifies the original pigment.

Heini clay has a reputation for being versatile and welcoming of all tea families that will honour the gong fu cha technique, especially the black Wulong.

A double high-temperature gas firing completes the multiple steps necessary to arrive at the final work: a concise and delicate teapot requiring great mastery by the artist.

Since 1982, Ms. Sheng has been a clay potter and has learned from several great masters at the Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts of China. Mrs. Sheng Xi Hua is a well-known personality in the pottery world in China. She has achieved one of the highest levels of distinction in this field.

Opening diameter: 4.5 cm

Height: 8.5 cm

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