Teapots and rituals

Teapots, matcha accessories, gaiwan, gong fu cha teapots, senchado and everything you need to preapre tea.

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Kaishi Women

These squares of paper are used by the participants of the chanoyu tea ceremony. They are used to deposit pastries served during the tea ceremony, as well as to clean the edge of the chawan when serving Koïcha, a thick tea made a large quantity of matcha. Men use larger Kaishi than those used by women.

Sensu Men

This fan is used by the participants of the chanoyu tea ceremony. It is placed as an honorary sign in front of the knees of the participants as they are greeted. This fan remain closed in the tea room and its shape represents the sword that the samuraï placed aside before entering the tea room. It is made of white bamboo and paper. Men use a slightly longer fan than that used by Women.

Chakoshi | Midori

This box is ideal for sieving matcha before use. The set contains a fine stainless steel sieve and a metal spatula. Sieving the matcha becomes a simple task with this utensil. It will enable you to prepare a bowl of matcha tea with a fine creamy froth.  


Japanese Teapot | Opal

L’allure est anglaise, mais bel et bien de confection japonaise, on y devinait justement quelques détails du pays nippon. Cette théière s’avère être un bon choix de type classique avec juste ce qu’il faut de coquetterie.

Kyusu | Moko

Of Japanese manufacture, Kyusu teapots are typical of the country.

Naoshi (Chasen Holder) from Julie Lavoie | Tenmoku

An almost essential accessory for anyone using a chasen, the naoshi (chasen-holder )preserves the shape of the whisk while enabling it to dry properly.

Japanese Teapot | Petale

An interesting fusion of English traditional references and Japanese style.

The filter is easily removed making this teapot a complete solution for your infusions that adds a touch of elegance. 

Diameter of the opening: 5.75 cm 

Height: 12 cm

Chawan | Zuma

Would you like to know more about this product?  We will add a full description soon so watch this space.

Japanese Teapot | Fuji

An interesting fusion of English traditional references and Japanese style.

Kyusu | Kuri Iro

This plum color Kyusu of beautiful simplicity.

Chawan | Hotto

This black Chawan seduces us with its naïve details that bring its classic look to life. A pleasure to use with a slightly curled lip and the thumb groove for the thumb, while a contrasting glaze reminiscent of the Tenmoku pleases the eye.

Fukusa Men

This Fukusa is made of mauve silk, the colour traditionly associated with men in the tea ceremony, as in Urasenke school. This object is used in preparation of matcha to purify instruments during the chanoyu tea ceremony.