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Grand cru

Mei Zhan Zhen

From the summit of Mount Zhenghe in Fujian (China), the long golden buds of this black tea are seductive simply from the chocolaty smell of the dry leaves! Once infused, they deploy intoxicating scents of lavender, lemon grass and hemlock.


Darjeeling 2nd flush Turzum

This exclusive small batch from the Turzum Garden in the Mirik Valley is produced with such exquisite attention to process. It's made from the leaves of a single cultivar that we rarely get to enjoy unblended, the P312. The P312 was developed from plants from Phoobsering in the 1970’s. It is unusual to taste it on its own as it is difficult to make a pure tea with it. So it is usually blended with other cultivars for balance and complexity.

Assam Breakfast (Banaspaty) organic & Fairtrade Teabags (Bag of 50 Teabags)

The Assam Breakfast's liquor is straightforward and full-bodied with aromas typical of tobacco, malt and fruit (prunes). With or without a cloud of milk! A comforting tea for mornings or dessert.


Earl Grey organic & Fairtrade (Bag of 50 Teabags)

You'll be spellbound after one sip of this English classic scented with a natural flavouring extracted from organic Italian bergamot.


Tea Studio Nilgiri Coonoor (Bag of 50 Teabags)

These large, dark, metallic leaves come from the blue mountains of the Nilgiris, in Southern India. It is a stunning example of a tea from this category and is sure to please fans of light and aromatic black teas. Fruity (candied papaya, peach) and lightly floral (osmanthus) bouquet.

Thé à l'érable (bag of 50 teabags)

Now offered in individual teabags, our Maple Tea contains the same Indian black tea leaves as our loose leaf Maple Tea.

Darjeeling 1st flush Avongrove

From the renowned Euphoria section, exclusively reserved for the AV2 cultivar, the Avongrove garden presents a batch of black tea. This first plucking of the year, explosively aromatic, has led to the regional reputation as: the champagne of black teas.

Darjeeling 1st Flush Gopaldhara

This small lot of Indian black tea from the Gopaldhara garden in Darjeeling comes from a high altitude section of the plantation that is planted with a mix of cultivars giving distinct qualities to the taste.

Népal 1st flush Jun Chiyabari organic

This innovative, lush garden, high up in the Dhankuta region of Nepal, surprises us once again with this magnificent spring harvest: a most attractive black leaf and bud tea worthy of Mr Orchard's passionate work.