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Ali Shan 1999 (Charcoal Roast)

Plucked by hand and aged since 1999 by successive charcoal roasting, this high mountain tea offers an infusion with glossy black leaves and warm fragrances. Its liquor is rounded, velvety and deploys a broad range of aromatic nuances, with accents through woods and vanilla to notes of iodine (seaweed) and empyreumatics (coffee, caramel). The finish is gentle and deep.

Bai Hao 2008

Aged for almost ten years, this wulong from Mr. Xu is sure to charm all admirers with the scent of brown sugar that emanates from its blend of whole leaves and fine silver buds. In infusion flavours of bark and roasted coffee dominate the aromatic spectrum. Its liquor, clear and mineral, retains a certain vitality despite its years of dormancy. Buckwheat (honey) and butter caramel notes enhance the slightly spicy pastry aspect of this tea from the North West of Taiwan.

Da Hong Pao 1994

This famous "rock wulong" from Fujian is offered in this version aged for more than twenty years.

Fu Zhuan Shaanxi 2017

Fermenting tea in Shaanxi usually implies Erotium Cristatum to form Golden Flowers (Jin Hua) on the leaves. Visible on the pressed bricks, these light golden specks are responsible for the typical woody and fruity aromas found in their infusion.

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Fu Zhuan Si Xian Ji Fu 2016

Compressed into impressive 1 kilo bricks, this aged tea is always appreciated by the inhabitants of the northern steppes for its digestive and nutritional benefits. Its liquor is full and sweet, supported by savoury tannins giving it structure. Its fruity and woody character evokes cherry and its kernel. The natural fermentation of this tea is also evident through its mineral and earthy nuances. The mouth feel is pure and satisfying!

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Hualien 1980

Here is one of those little aged jewels from the Hualien region on the east coast of Taiwan. Tinted khaki, the leaves of this thirty year old wulong, once rinsed, offer generous aromas of damp wood and spicy cigars. Its soft liquor flows gently on the palate spreading its sweet (beet) and metallic (prunes) flavours. The finish is deep and subtly mineral.

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Laos Pu Er Sheng 2017 Phong Sali

This delicate blend of spring leaves generously sprinkled with silvery buds has been carefully selected on 200 years old tea trees by a single family in Long Gu Qin village, Laos. Its infusion, with its vegetable and camphor aromas, is enhanced on the palate with fruity and pastry accents as well as a creamy and mineral texture. The sweet finish leaves behind the most sublime and aerial of floral perfumes.

Laos Pu Er Sheng 2018 Phong Sali

Without venturing far into Laos we find farmers producing tea using the ancestral methods of Yunnan. In Phong Sali, producers work their teas with great care, rivaling (and even occasionally surpassing) the quality those of their famous neighbors… often at much lower prices.

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Liu Bao 2006 Lao Cha Po

An instant favourite from François from his last trip to China. In line with traditional Liu Bao, the large brown leaves of this tea have been compressed into bamboo baskets to be aged. Strong aromas of forest undergrowth gracefully fuse with a soft liquor which includes spicy nuances (fennel) and sweet (maple water). A most refreshing tea!

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Liu Bao 2008 0612-01

In the tradition of aged teas, this one, from Guangxi in China is characterized by small broken dark leaves. The infusion gives off deep notes of leather and resinous wood. The dark brown liquor is gentle and without bitterness, adorned with nutty (walnut) and spicy accents (fennel). A clear and sweet finish completes the taste experience of this discovery.

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Liu Bao Shen Xiang 1987

Thirty years of Guangxi's humid climate has benefited this aged tea, slowly developing its large curly leaves. Its opaque and rich liquor is velvety and deeply marked by its woody (root) and mineral character. Shades of leather and dried fruit (prune) accompany the fine scent of ginseng (Sen Xiang) that tickles the palate. A long mineral finish leaves behind a sweet aftertaste.  

Liu Bao Shi Shan Gu Shu 2016 (théiers de 100 ans)

This beautiful addition to our list of aged teas will please all lovers of rustic and traditional teas. Its large autumn leaves, picked a year after budding, come from ancient trees perched on the slopes of Shi Shan Mountain. Its liquor has a smooth and sweet texture enhanced by notes of camphor, ripe fruit and tobacco. Accents of spices and firewood, typical of ancient cultures, support a light and generous finish.