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Da Hong Pao 1994

This famous "rock wulong" from Fujian is offered in this version aged for more than twenty years.

Fu Zhuan Shaanxi Sheng 2017

Fermenting tea in Shaanxi usually implies Erotium Cristatum to form Golden Flowers (Jin Hua) on the leaves.

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Fu Zhuan Si Xian Ji Fu 2016

Compressed into impressive 1 kilo bricks, this aged tea is always appreciated by the inhabitants of the northern steppes for its digestive and nutritional benefits.

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Liu Bao 2006 Lao Cha Po

An instant favourite from François from his last trip to China.

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Liu Bao 2008 0612-01

In the tradition of aged teas, this one, from Guangxi in China is characterized by small broken dark leaves. The infusion gives off deep notes of leather and resinous wood. The dark brown liquor is gentle and without bitterness, adorned with nutty (walnut) and spicy accents (fennel). A clear and sweet finish completes the taste experience of this discovery.

Liu Bao Shen Xiang 1987

Thirty years of Guangxi's humid climate has benefited this aged tea, slowly developing its large curly leaves. Its opaque and rich liquor is velvety and deeply marked by its woody (root) and mineral character.

Liu Bao Shi Shan Gu Shu 2016 (100 Years Old Tea Tree)

This beautiful addition to our list of aged teas will please all lovers of rustic and traditional teas. Its large autumn leaves, picked a year after budding, come from ancient trees perched on the slopes of Shi Shan Mountain.

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Liu Bao Ye Sheng Gu Shu 2002

This tea, a little over 15 years old, was produced according to a historical heritage dating back nearly 1,500 years.


Meng Ding Huang Ya

This yellow tea composed almost entirely of buds comes from Sichuan province.

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Mi Lan Xiang Fengxi 2010

8 years of aging have blackened the leaves and deepened the aromas of this Mi Lan Xiang wulong. Notes of dried fruits (apricots, peaches) raised by sharp nutty tones and leading into a spicy finale, all well-balanced under a warm roast. Coming from M. Huang, one of our very skilled producers, this wulong is a treat for anyone seeking something different.

Pu Er Sheng 1983 Menghai

This loose leaf Pu er produced in the prolific Menghai tea factory and expertly preserved in Hong Kong will satisfy all amateurs of rich and balanced teas.

Pu Er Sheng 1986 Xia Guan

Shaped in tuo cha (bird nest) of 250g by the Xiaguan tea factory, this 30 years old Pu er is to be tasted with attention and care.