Tenmoku Cup from Kamada Kôji | T50

Mr. Kamada Collection
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75 ml

The creations of Mr Koji Kamada are part of the permanent works on show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Mr. Kamada Koji has practised pottery for 50 years. He has devoted most of his art to the mastery of Tenmoku which requires considerable skill.

Mr. Kamada now lives in Kyoto. Although his works are extremely popular, the artist himself is a modest man of few words. It is the interest of numerous collectors and gallery owners that speak for him.

The origin of Tenmoku is ancient. It comes from Fujian in China and dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

The light effect specific to this type of glaze nevertheless permits different variations of colour and shape. This silver grey one of small size is callYouhenyuteki Shuhai Gata.

His bowls are actually true works of art that dazzle the eye. But it is in the hand, once the tea is poured in, that they reveal all their magic.

This collector's item comes with a wooden box signed by the artist. Look after it. The ensemble could well appreciate in value over the years.

Diameter: 7.8 cm

Height: 4.75 cm

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