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Tile from Lin's Ceramics | Purion

Product code: CSAC-66
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Purion Tile running the line between a tea boat and a serving tray, this platter is entirely made of purion, a remarkable material created by Lin’s Ceramics studios after 10 years of research. Perfectly suited for the gong fu cha ceremony, purion is a material that gains from every use, every tea it encounters, absorbing tannins and aromatic oils into its porous surface. We like its raw yet refined aspect.

Lin's Ceramics is a Taiwanese company famous for teaware. Since their founding in 1983, their mission has been to offer enthusiasts a complete range of tea accessories that are ergonomic and precise with a timeles esthetic.

To learn more about Purion ceramic see our blog article.

Lenght: 28.5 cm

Width: 16 cm