Variable Temperature Stainless Steel kettle from Bonavita | Gooseneck

Product code: CSAC-126
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1000 ml

This brushed stainless steel kettle is perfect for tea enthusiasts who want to prepare tea with precision.

Its comfortable handle and gooseneck shaped spout enable pouring water with precision which is perfect for practicing infusions in a gaiwan, a senchado or gong fu cha teapot. The base has keys to select the temperature of the water from 60C/140F.

The display is available in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The kettle provides six preset levels which can be modified by 1 or 2 degrees. The "hold" option will maintain a constant temperature for one hour to use as required. The water temperature is still displayed when the kettle is inactive. The kettle separates from the base for refilling and pouring.To learn more about this kettle, see this blog article.

Height of the pitcher: 15 cm

Depth of the base: 20 cm

Power: 1000W

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