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Wazuqu Collection
Product code: CSTHF-30
500 ml
Cast Iron

With more than four centuries of experience at their craft, the Kikuchi Hojudo foundry is a true leader in Wazuqu steel (a Japanese steel of very high quality).

They inspire many others with their traditional yet innovative style. Although working in old artisanal fashion, they create elegant pieces with a true sense of aesthetic, combining rustic material and forms with delicate and refined function.

The enameled inside prevents rusting while allowing for any type of tea to be brewed. The basket is large enough to provide a balanced infusion, even if the teapot is not filled to capacity. A few more details we enjoy: Wazuqu steel is mostly made of recycled materials and small scale production requires half the energy typical industrial foundries use.

Unbreakable, this Japanese cast iron teapot is a great investment for all tea enthusiasts.

Diameter of the opening : 7.5 cm

Height : 18 cm

filter This product comes with a filter

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