Yerba Maté Organic (bag of 50 teabags)

Product code: CSTAD-587

A traditional beverage in many South American countries, Yerba Maté is high in caffeine, although it comes from a plant in the holly family and is therefore not classified as a tea. Its stimulating properties make it a popular drink for students and people who want to stay active and focused.

The plants of this Yerba Maté are integrated into the Brazilian native forest and its biennial harvesting allows a respectful harvest by its high regeneration. Certified organic, this small production offers a herbaceous, frank and bitter taste, classic of Brazilian Yerba Maté dried without contact with smoke.

Each bag contains 50 teabags made entirely of plant based fibres, all materials approved by the strictest food industry regulations (FDA/EU). No nylon is used whatsoever. With their pyramid shape, these compostable bags give your leaves all the necessary space to steep freely and release their freshness into your cup. Contains a total of 150g of tea.

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