Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate Organic

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A traditional beverage in many South American countries, Yerba Mate is high in caffeine, although it comes from a plant in the holly family and is therefore not classified as a tea.

Its stimulating properties make it a popular drink for students and people who want to stay active and focused.

The plants of this Yerba Mate are integrated into the Brazilian native forest and its biennial harvesting allows a respectful harvest by its high regeneration.

Certified organic, this small production offers a herbaceous, frank and bitter taste, classic of Brazilian Yerba Mate dried without contact with smoke.

The leaves are evenly cut, leaving the brew well balanced and residue-free.

Teapot method
balance Quantity / 250ml of water
thermometer Temperature of infusion
lined-clock Infusion length
3 - 4 min
Concentration in caffeine 18 MgConcentration in mg / cup* of tea, on a four-grade scale
18 Mg
18 Mg
Flavour wheel To better identify the aromatic notes of each tea
Floral Fruity Wooded Earthy Spice Vegetal
* 250ml loose teas, 100ml for Matchas

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The bombilla is the traditional utensil for drinking mate. Imported by Camellia Sinensis directly from a cooperative of artisans in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the principal countries of mate culture.